Welcome to Mini Cooper Register Subscription Service

Thank you for your interest in joining the Mini Cooper Register. Members receive 12 regular copies of the Club magazine, have full access to the Club website and discussion forum and are able to purchase items of our branded regalia.

The annual subscription fee is:

Single Subscription - £35.00 in the UK, £40.00 in Europe and £47.00 everywhere else.

Joint Subscription (in addition to Single Subscription) - £2.00 in the UK, £2.00 in Europe and £2.00 everywhere else.

Online payments using your credit or debit card or by bank transfer are processed on our behalf by PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account).

PayPal will accept a range of credit/debit cards

Your membership number and login details for this site will be sent to you by email automatically on successful completion of the financial transaction. These details enable you to change your personal or vehicle details online and renew your subscription at each anniversary.

If you wish to pay by cheque, download the application form here.

Direct Debits

When you renew your subscription you can now do this by Direct Debit and this will give you a discount of £3. You will be sent a Direct Debit form with your renewal notice and this should be completed and returned to the Membership Secretary at the Lavenham Group – all details on the form. You can also download this Direct Debit form, print it and return to Lavenham. Unfortunately you cannot renew by Direct Debit on line as the form has to be signed and returned. Download your Direct Debit form here.

New Members cannot initially join with Direct Debit but they can complete the Direct Debit form for subsequent renewals and save £3. You then do not have to worry about renewing each year as it is done automatically.

New Members

For online subscription application only please apply through here.

Subscription Renewals

Members may renew their subscription from the 1st day of the month preceding renewal (eg. 1st June for a 31 July renewal) and up to the last day of the following month. After this period, your subscription becomes ‘inactive’ and the subscription would become ‘lapsed’ requiring the member to rejoin the Club. If you wish to renew an existing club subscription online, please log in and follow the renewal links.

Lapsed Members Rejoining

If you are a returning member and wish to rejoin the club online, please apply through here.


For more information, please contact the Membership Secretary by email at membershipadmin@minicooper.org, or by post to:

The Membership Secretary
Mini Cooper Register
Arbons House
47 Water Street
CO10 9RN

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